Our Story

We appreciate your interest in our journey and were excited to share our story with you. Skylar Thomas -  Founder & CEO of UVU Training - is on a mission to provide opportunities for youth athletes around the world, one deck at a time. Inspired by those looking to train on their own, KickDeck was created to provide youth soccer players with a simple, effective, fun, and affordable self training option. With an aim to provide athletic training towards a diverse range of sports, UVU training was established in 2020. As a Not Just For Profit organization, UVU Training promises to inspire, support, and educate athletes as we continue to introduce alternative training options for all sports.

Based on his experience as a professional athlete and youth soccer trainer, Skylar believes that sports can provide a life full of joy! Through developing social skills and building confidence, to staying active and being a positive impact on their community, UVU Training believes that everyone should have an equal opportunity in their sport. As we continue to grow, we aim to create a supportive community, sponsor youth athletes, donate decks & balls, and build facilities around the world. Through consistent effort and passionate service, we strive to be the best we can be and effectuate change in grassroots athletics around the world.