KickDeck ABC - Kick Deck
KickDeck ABC - Kick Deck
KickDeck ABC - Kick Deck
KickDeck ABC - Kick Deck

KickDeck ABC

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KickDeck ABC introduces fundamental soccer skills for the young aspiring soccer players ages 4+. The deck includes 26 cards labeled A-Z, providing your child with exercises that keep them active, and helps develop their physical literacy! By shuffling the deck and picking random cards, or by using the letters on the cards to spell simple words, children can easily create and complete their own fun workouts! 

Dedicated trainees can expect to see an improvement in ball control, dribbling, juggling, balance, and agility. 

KickDeck ABC Includes:

  • 26 Training Cards
  • 3 Instructional Cards


    Why choose us?


    Shuffle cards to create thousands of different workouts in order to keep each workout fresh, challenging and fun.


    Every workout will push you to compete against yourself with a personal best system that allows you to record and track your progression every time you improve.


    Young athletes can practice reading, spelling, counting, and physical literacy all while getting in an intense and quality training session.